Operation :

Clean Internet

Mission :

cyber attacks

Threats :

Phishing, malware, ransomware

cybersniper : The first simple and redoubtable solution to block infected websites in real time.

The cyber-area is a vast territory often fascinating and full of resources but it can also be hostile and dangerous.

You must protect your company from cybercrime. 88% of Swiss companies have already been victims of cyber-attacks in 2017.

Decide on an action plan : Lock down your data !

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cybersniper, the unique preventive solution in Switzerland against dangerous websites

65% of Swiss companies believe that their cyber security measures are not user-friendly enough.

Nothing to do
  • Easy to install without any specific infrastructure.
  • Automatic update every 15 minutes and real-time feedback


Nothing to change
  • Integrates perfectly with your current network, no modification required
Nothing to fear
  • cybersniper identifies, analyses, compiles and filters out any threats or viruses coming from the outside world, in real time.
  • DFi is certified for secured connections and its surveillance centre - SOC (Security Operation Center)
  • cybersniper combines the know-how of a network operator and DFi’s expertise in security
  • Availability of a team of systems engineers and security analysts 24h/24h, 7d/7

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Innovative security concepts have been implemented in order to effectively address cyber-threats

In case of danger, fraudulent connections will be immediately redirected to a replacement web page (Sinkhole Technology). An alert will be sent directly to you. If other similar alerts have already been sent to you during the past 48 hours, you will not receive any more notifications.

Please note that no confidential information is ever shared with any third party. This service is only available as a monthly subscription.

Our plans

cybersniper is available in two plans : a Cloud mode and an “on-site” solution.


from CHF 100

  • With this solution (Cloud), you will be able to detect outgoing illegitimate traffic without any additional hardware or software.

price on demand

  • With this solution (on-site), you will be able to detect outgoing illegitimate traffic. You just have to select the type of hardware required : rack hardware 19” or mini shuttle hardware. It will then be installed and configured by DFi’s team.
About DFi

Focus on your mission,
DFi takes care of the rest.

DFi Service have an excellent understanding of attacks in Switzerland and in real time. We are the only Swiss provider able to guarantee to our customers that illegitimate known traffic (phishing, malware, ransomware, Trojan horse, infected web sites, …) coming from your networks will be identified AND blocked thanks to our Cyber Sniper solution.

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